September 30th, 2020

Atlas Restaurant Group to unveil new $1 million teppanyaki room inside Azumi

Originally published by the Baltimore Business Journal

September 29, 2020

Atlas Restaurant Group will add a little sizzle to the dining experience at Azumi beginning next week.

The Harbor East sushi restaurant’s new teppanyaki room will open Oct. 6, Atlas CEO Alex Smith said Monday. The $1 million addition, which highlights fresh seafood cooked on an iron griddle, was inspired by a 2018 trip to Japan.

Smith said he and a group of Atlas employees explored several teppanyaki restaurants while abroad and found a culinary experience beyond the Benihana-style offerings that Americans are already accustomed to. The Japanese teppanyaki grills offered up fresh snapper, live lobster and seasonal vegetables “as a way to show how fresh the product was,” he said.

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