July 19th, 2019

A fun, millennial vibe and tasty fare at Ouzo Beach

Originally published July 18, 2019

By The Baltimore Sun


A night at Ouzo Beach is like hanging out on a billionaire’s yacht. The seafood is divine, the harbor is in view, and you may find yourself wondering how you wound up there.

The Atlas Restaurant Group opened the bar this summer as an outdoor offshoot of high-end Greek restaurant Ouzo Bay. Both are helmed by chefs Matthew Oetting and Scott Elseroad. The Beach features many of the same menu items as the Bay with a few casual additions like lamb sliders and grilled souvlaki, shareable summer snacks that will appeal to a younger happy hour crowd. Sophisticated diners will appreciate the excellent, minimally adorned seafood offerings, all-white decor and, of course, that view.

It may be worth mentioning a family connection. John Paterakis, grandfather of Alex Smith, who owns Atlas, is responsible for much of Harbor East’s development, and before his death, was a regular at Ouzo Bay. In the heart of the upscale harbor development, Ouzo Beach may be the ideal outpost to reflect on Paterakis’s legacy in Baltimore, one now continued by Smith.

First impressions: The bar was slammed during a happy hour visit. A live DJ — Ouzo Beach has one each night — played music loud enough to create a cool, South Beach vibe, but not so loud to alienate the many Baby Boomers in the crowd. While waiting for a stool to open at the packed bar, we ordered drinks — a refreshing cucumber tonic water for me and a somewhat watery mojito ($12) for my dining companion — and apps. A canopy provided shade in the 90-degree heat, and the outdoor bar miraculously managed to stay relatively cool.


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