Originally published November 14, 2013

by Richard Gorelick, The Baltimore Sun

Charleston, Cindy Wolf's masterpiece, basking in an autumnal glow

Charleston makes huge return on a diner's investment

On a recent Saturday night, diners strode into Charleston's main dining room with confident smiles. They couldn't wait for the evening to start. They knew, either firsthand or by reputation, that they were in extremely capable hands.

When Charleston opened in 1997, diners were primed for something wonderful. The new restaurant's co-owners, Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman, were coming off a first success, Savannah, in the Admiral Fell Inn. When Savannah closed, Wolf and Foreman took a chance on a nearby Lancaster Street location. Back then, this neighborhood had no name, but a few years later, its developers gave it one — Harbor East.

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