Harbor East Management Group

Harbor East provides a 24-hour lifestyle and unique culture for visitors, residents, and the entire community. 

HE-main-general.jpgAt Harbor East Management Group, we do the right things. We do them with a pragmatic mind for the future, but with an urgent eye for what can be right now. We create places that are entirely different, entirely new, entirely their own. And, in doing so, we create places that are truly special. We are a completely unique organization focused on developing completely unique neighborhoods.

In addition to doing the right things, we do things right. We put painstaking thought into the types of buildings we erect, the types of environs we create, the types of people who inhabit our spaces, and the type of spirit we nurture.

To us, doing things right also means playing a key role in operating what we develop. Why? Because that way we can use extensive management expertise to help these ventures remain financially strong and, at the same time, we can be assured that our vision remains in-tact, not just years but decades after we break ground.

The result of doing the right things the right way? Residents who are truly passionate about the spaces we create. Businesses that seek us out because they see the potential in our foresight and focus on making things better for the long term. A city proud of the things we’ve done and will tirelessly continue to do to make our neighborhoods and communities more cohesive, more harmonious, more interesting places to live, work, eat, and play.  


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